Proun is something fundamentally new!

What is proun? Proun (the project of approving a new one) is a neologism that came up with El Lissitzky about 100 years ago to designate a new artistic system invented by him, connecting the idea of a geometric plane with the laws of constructive construction of a three-dimensional form.

However, in our time this word has a new reading. Proun is an independent association of artists, founded in 2016 in Moscow. Participants in this movement have common aesthetic and ethical values. This is, first and foremost, minimalism, which unites their works, as well as a focus on light, sound and rhythmic structures. It is noteworthy that Proun has no curators, which means that the exhibitions are entirely organized by the artists themselves. In their art there are no political or social phenomena, so beloved by contemporary artists. The themes that Proun raises are more global. Their art seeks to resonate with the universe and world harmony and transmit these pulsations and rhythms in a visual and audio format.

Proun community pays a lot of attention to the study of physics, astronomy, the structure of matter and substance, as well as the human body. Based on this knowledge, they create their own unique works. A feature of the Proun community of artists can be called the fact that they are open to new artists who share their ideology and philosophy. However, those wishing to join this society will still have to make an effort to become one of them. As one of the participants of the movement, Misak Samokatyan, said: “First, we meet in absentia. We see that a person has added us as a friend, or we ourselves add someone who does media art with light, sound, and generative graphics. Then we meet somewhere at a party or the opening of the exhibition, then we begin to communicate more and so organically and systematically know each other. And when we do an exhibition, we can offer a new friend to create an art object. But, at once I will make a reservation, one participation in an exhibition does not say that the person became a part of movement. After the first exhibition, it becomes clear only in general terms whether we will continue to call this artist or not ... ”

These are the enterprising and talented guys from the Proun community.

For now the guys came up with something fundamentally new! This is the exhibition in the art-barter format! Artists exhibit their works and each visitor has the opportunity to participate in the exchange for their creativity / service or idea. At the entrance, visitors receive sticky notes and write their offers and contacts on them. At the end of the exhibition, the authors of the works choose, in their opinion and taste, the best exchange offer and contact the author for the contacts left.

Have you ever heard of such art events?

We are sure that Proun will surprise you!