A picture of Magritte with an estimate of £15-25 million will sell in London!

Works by Rene Magritte from the last century haunt designers and creators of advertising, and their value at auction reached eight figures.

More recently, the artistic world celebrated 120 years since the birth of Rene Magritte, a Belgian surrealist artist. As if specially for the birthday of the master in November 2018 in new York, a new price record for his paintings was set — a portrait of the English collector and patron of surrealism Edward James "the Principle of pleasure" in 1937 went for $26.8 million And in February Christie's puts up for auction another landmark work of Magritte, which claims the right to become the most expensive work of the Belgian painter. The canvas "Common place" was written in 1964 and is estimated at £15-25 million.

The market works by Magritte is associated with the development of his career. Many of the most important works are stored in museums, in particular in Brussels, but Magritte has created at least 2 thousand works, much of which is in free circulation at auctions and galleries.

For a long time the most expensive and popular were considered his later things, but recently increased attention to the early surreal works.

Witty and poetic paintings-Magritte puzzles are estimated at $ 1 to $10 million, the cost of the most rare and valuable paintings reaches $20 million. There are also sculptures of Magritte on the market: a few months before his death in 1967, the artist translated part of his paintings into three-dimensional objects.

A total of eight such sculptures were created, they rarely appear at auction, but always cause great interest and a significant excess of the estimate (up to $1-3 million).

However, it does not mean that Magritte is available only to the most serious collectors. For many years, he painted posters and advertisements at the paper factory — these and other graphic drawing things and pencil sketches can be bought for only a few thousand euros.

Pot as the quintessence of anonymity and routine, Apple, bird, umbrella, cloud — these items have become so characteristic of Magritte that managed to migrate from painting to design, while maintaining the recognition of the artist's style. Many designers took direct replicas of Magritte's work, whether it be lamps-pots or jewelry pendants-tubes, underwear with clouds or a purse-glove from the picture "Georgette". From the latest ideas is poof with green Apple Magritta from factory Gufram and the collection of René Magritte Cosmolite suitcases from Samsonite.

Magritte himself avoided trying to decipher the meaning of his works, claiming that he did not Express anything, but only create images. Repeatedly borrowed by modern advertising, they create mysterious, inexplicable combinations of conventional logic, for which collectors are willing to pay impressive amounts.

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