76th Cannes Film Festival: women empowerment, charitable auction and incredible concert

A Captivating Journey at the Cannes Festival with Open Culture Foundation and Better World Fund
Recent Better World Fund Event at the 76th Cannes Film Festival.

Nataliya Resh, founder of Open Culture Foundation and co-partner of Better World Forum in Cannes was happy to take part in this event.

The Cannes Film Festival, held from May 14-25, 2024, was a dazzling convergence of cinema and global impact, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Open Culture Foundation and the Better World Fund.

For nine consecutive years, the Open Culture Foundation has been a strategic partner of the Better World Fund, enriching Cannes with its commitment to cultural diversity and creative excellence. Their collaboration with filmmakers worldwide brought forth an array of compelling stories, showcasing the power of diverse voices in cinema.

This year, the festival was dedicated to women empowerment, featuring incredible talents:

  • Juliette Binoche: Renowned actress and advocate for women's rights.
  • Peng Jingxuan: Talented musician blending Chinese and Western music.
  • Jacqueline Zheng: Founder of Bestway, championing women’s independence and elegance.
  • Lang Lang Foundation: Transforming music education globally.
  • Lang Lang: World-renowned pianist who mesmerized us with his breathtaking performance.

Thank you to all our partners and participants for making this event a highlight of cultural brilliance and positive change.

The Better World Fund, renowned for its focus on peace and sustainability, highlighted critical global issues through film. Their events and panels emphasized the urgent need for environmental action and social justice, using the festival as a platform for meaningful change. This year, the focus on woman empowerment took center stage, celebrating the achievements and contributions of women in cinema. The festival honored female filmmakers, directors, and producers, highlighting their impactful work and inspiring future generations.

This year’s festival celebrated the theme "Your Story, Your Festival," embodying the spirit of collective storytelling and global collaboration. The synergy between the Open Culture Foundation and the Better World Fund was palpable, making Cannes not just a celebration of films, but a beacon of hope and inspiration for a better tomorrow.

Here’s to the unwavering efforts of these organizations for making the Cannes Film Festival a memorable and transformative experience. 🎬🌍✨