International Biennale of Contemporary Art

International Biennale of Contemporary Art, the prominent cultural event in the field of contemporary art of the whole Eastern Europe and post-Soviet area, is held from 2005.

Within this period, the deserved reputation of the biennale has brought it among such international large-scale events as Venice, Berlin, Istanbul biennale, European biennale Manifesta etc.

The Sixth International Biennale of Contemporary Art has concluded just recently. The main project located in the central pavilion of VDNKh, was titled «How to gather? Acting in a center in a city in the heart of the island of Eurasia». Curators of the main project were — Bart De Baere, Defne Ayas and Nicolaus Schafhausen. More than seventy international artists, critics and researchers have met try to bring closer the contemporary art and understanding of it to the audience by creating a system where the art and visitors would interact directly.
At the moment, the International Biennale: unites all major cultural institutions, contributes to the integration of art to international artistic environment, plays significant role in formation of cultural space, as well as in the promotion of socially important tasks of the education of young people.

International biennale helps to bring up and support the country’s talented young artists, including their art in the international context.

Traditionally the budget of the International Biennale is formed through finances provided by the Ministry of Culture,the Government, as well as grants of art foundations of various countries, sponsors' and private donations. The largest part of financial support comes from the Ministry of Culture. The support of the Ministry allows Biennale to upkeep the high standard, as well as contributes to the further development of the Biennale — in the country which can be proud of its artistic heritage.

Having come a long way in these ten years, the Biennale has acquired such a serious reputation that the leaders of international curators community are honored to take part in its preparation.