Aliya Prokofieva

Do you dream of flying into space?

Aliya Prokofieva not only dreams, she actively and systematically embodies the dream of many-many people.

She creates a global project that takes us to a new level of development and awareness, the project that changes the world.

The mission of this cosmic girl is to make space closer for everyone in the world. «All of us are part of the space, and space is a part of us. This realization will bring humanity closer to the cosmos and draw near the day when rapid interplanetary flights become available. I’m sure that we will live on other planets just like we do on Earth.»

She wants to make travel within our solar system accessible and safe for mankind. She believes, the exploration of space will lead to technologies that will make our life on Earth easier and better. In 2016, Aliya founded “Galaktika” group of companies – an international full circle aerospace company. Aliya Prokofyeva enlists all the best minds of Russia and abroad: engineers, designers, developers and other specialists. The company’s goal is to expand the habitat limited to our planet, to push the boundaries outside the Earth, and to develop new space products.


Aliya was born in Leningrad in the family of astrophysicists. She grew up in the environment of science and creativity and was engaged in dancing, drawing, choreography; she graduated from music school with the specialization in piano. Aliya played tennis, took part in European competitions in taekwondo. Since an early age she has studied English and French languages and has achieved complete mastery over them.

Aliya’s views, ideas and interests were mainly formed by her aunt and mother who were scientific workers engaged in astrophysics and introduced Aliya into the particularities of their profession. Her mother, Umarbaeva Nina Duysekenovna, managed the Pulkovo Observatory that the American astronomer Benjamin Gould called “the astronomical capital of the world”. A huge amount of time that Aliya spent in the observatory as a child played a decisive role in choosing the field of work in the future. The cosmic theme can be easily found in her children’s drawings: even as a preschool girl, she drew orbital settlements, space objects and alien life.


Aliya Prokofyeva studied at the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum of Saint Petersburg No. 366. At the age of 12, at her mother’s request, Aliya left Russia and entered a private boarding school in England. Knowledge of foreign languages allowed her to successfully complete the English school and return to Russia at the age of 14. Upon her return Aliya entered one of the best schools in Saint Petersburg – the gymnasium No. 642 “The Earth and the Universe”, from which she graduated with a silver medal.


In 2003, Aliya entered the Saint Petersburg State University to follow the specialization of international marketing. She was commended by many teachers; and due to her outstanding academic abilities Aliya has completed three internships over the educational course:

  • 2005 – Dublin (Trinity College Dublin);
  • 2006 – Milan (Bocconi University);
  • 2006 – Paris (HEC Business School).

In 2009 Aliya Prokofyeva graduated from the Saint Petersburg State University with a Diploma with Honours.


The first Aliya’s internship was held under the guidance of her mother in her telecommunication company. After the graduation from the Saint Petersburg State University, Aliya worked and lived in two cities – in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. With the support of her mother Aliya has started her first business in Saint Petersburg in 2011, simultaneously engaging in designing and selling yachts.

Aliya Prokofyeva has a vast experience in implementing projects at various levels. Aliya participated in the following projects:

  • project for the development of one-company towns in Russia (for the government of the Russian Federation);
  • project for the Moskva River embankment development (international competition);
  • project for the development of the Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island;
  • project for the integrated development of the island of Crimea;
  • project for the development of fuel cell technologies;
  • opening of a plant for the production of aviation components (with the elaboration of legislation changes)
  • projects in the field of renewable energy including the projects of the solar station in the Altai and the project for the wind farms.

From 2012 to 2016 Aliya Prokofyeva had been a cofounder of “Energia” group of companies.


  • Honours graduate of Saint Petersburg State University;
  • Member of the Board of Trustees of the Miklukho-Maklay Foundation;
  • Member of the Expert Council for Modernization of Economics under the President of the Russian Federation;
  • Mentor at SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management.


The basic philosophy of Aliya’s projects is the creation of the man of the cosmos, the ascension of man and humanity to a new level of consciousness and being.

The EFIR city is a metaphor where people will move, how they will live and be there. Entrance to a new level of development of society and relations in it, development and expansion of human consciousness and capabilities.

Her Philosophy: pumping people through their own resources, the development of consciousness and capabilities.

Creating worlds of a new generation.

And through a social movement, through the development of people, creation of radically new technologies.

The world of the future is not a world where people pursue new developments, consumerism, likes in social networks, try to pump themselves through biohacking and neural interfaces, but a world that develops according to new laws. The world in which technologies of a higher order appear - control of body and consciousness, movement in space and time ... creation of society, where the highest value is the development of one’s own consciousness, jointly creation and OPENING of new worlds.

In the city of the future EFIR, people who have reached a high level of development can live as long as they want, because the deeper their awareness, the better they manage their own body. Unlike an ordinary person, the man of the cosmos can move in time and space.

The goal is to completely free oneself from a limited, low-vibration physical existence.

As long as human souls deny that the mind is responsible for the whole human experience, people will again and again repeat the same selfish actions, leading to painful consequences. To facilitate the process of evolution, people must recognize that they themselves are fully responsible for their current situation, and then happily create their own life, which they want to live

The opposition of the technocratic world. And the paradigm that is needed now in space, as the Planet is in danger, we are threatened by cataclysms.

“My paradigm is that it is necessary to develop the microcosm of a man and the macrocosm through the city of EFIR in order for a man to exit, but the new level of development of consciousness is Cosmic consciousness. What I do is not a business, not a religion, not about scientific research, not about esoteric. This is about educating people, creating a community of like-minded people, bringing humanity to a new level, first of thinking, and then of being. The city itself in the future and technology in the future is very far from technology, in the view that we now have. New technologies of the ships, made of crystal luminous grids of the new generation, engines based on new principles of work of atoms. New multidimensional worlds, in some flows absolutely different time, space looks different, everything has a light look and shape. To open a new level of human development, we need the first step - creating a community of people, creating a space center, then a network of space centers around the world ... then, by joint efforts, developing new type of technologies and creating an EFIR city.”


1. PLATFORM GALAKTIKA - communication of people, obtaining information, joint work on a city in space EFIR, foundation

2. The COSMOS Center is a center of a new generation, in which a space is created through architecture and visual elements, falling into which a person develops, harmonizes, and receives new knowledge. This is not a "star city", it is a center in which a new space of creation, space has been created ... which shows the multidimensionality of our universe, the infinity of ourselves. Also, the center will have a special space for scientists, engineers.In the future, it is planned to create a network of such centers around the world. Each time a person falls into the center, he will essentially fall into another dimension ... the effect will be similar to how huge cathedrals appeared in medieval Europe, which became something completely new, catalyzed philosophical thought and became the impetus for development , also this center.

3. The program ‘man of COSMOS - man of the future’ for the development of human consciousness and body

4. Popularization of space - online store space jewelry, clothing, food, travel

Realizing her fantastic and grandiose large-scale projects, Aliya Prokofieva is actively involved in educational work, speaking as a speaker at various international and Russian forums, seminars, conferences: "Open Innovations" (Skolkovo), X Eurasian Economic Forum (Italy, Verona), International Space conference (Luxembourg), etc.

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