10 most unusual forms of modern art

10 most unusual forms of modern art. Art has been around almost as long, as people. But ancient artists, dealing with rock painting, unlikely could themselves represent, what strange form can take art modern.


Anamorphosis - this technique create images, which may completely see and understand may only glancing on them under certain angle, or with certain place. This trend in art began from three-dimensional images on paper, and gradually it got to street art, when artists imitate various holes in walls, or crack in the ground. But most interesting modern example - anamorphic printing. Once students Joseph Egan and Hunter Thompson, studying graphic design, caused on wall in corridors its college distorted texts, which may read only if look on them with certain point.


Since 60-s photorealists were trying to create maximum realistic image, which were almost indistinguishable from real photos. In the aspiration to get a picture of real life, photorealists copied the smallest details captured by the camera.

Drawing on dirty car

Drawing on dirt, accumulated on unwashed car, is considered art too. Scott Wade a graphic designer became very famous because of his amazing drawings, which he created on glasses of unwashed cars. The artist began his experiments with this kind of art by using a thick layer of dust on roads Texas as a canvas. He drew various cartoons on the surface of the road by using fingers, nails and small twigs.

Use of human liquids in art

This can seem strange, but there are many artists, using them own body fluids to create a paintings. For example, artist from Brazil Vinicius Cesada uses his own blood to draw a painting. His pictures, with shades of red, yellow and green, convey a very gloomy, surrealistic atmosphere.

Drawing using a parts of the own body

Artists, using a liquid from their body to create a paintings are now on top .But not only them. Also gaining popularity is the use of own body parts as a brushes. There is a Tim Patch for example. This artist more known with pseudonymous «Prickasso», which he took from the great spanish artist Pablo Picasso. This artist is well known because of his strange way of drawing paintings.He uses his own penis as a brush. A 65 years Australian artist doesn’t like to limit himself in anything. And penis is not the only instrument he use while create a paintings. He also uses his buttocks and scrotum . The artist draw the paintings in this unusual way more then 10 years. And his popularity grows up. There is another artists in this strange art area. It’s Any K ,who draws a paintings by tongue ,and Stephen Murmer, a schoolteacher, he draws by buttocks.

Reverse three-dimensional images

When anamorphosis tries to do two-dimensional objects similar on three-dimensional ,reverse of three-dimensional object became similar on two-dimensional drawing . Most interesting artist in this areas is Alexa Mid from Los-Angeles. Mid uses non-toxic acrylic paint in her work. She makes their assistants become similar on inanimate two-dimensional pictures. Mid’s works is usually a man, seated near the wall, and painted so, that at spectator appeared illusion that in front of him - an ordinary canvas with a portrait.

Shadows in art

Shadows on its nature are fleeting , so it’s difficult to say, when people for the first time started use shadows for create artworks . But modern «shadow artists» reached heights that haven’t reached before in use shadows. Artists use careful positioning of various objects to create beautiful shadow images of people, objects or words. Most notable artist in this area is Kumi Yamashita .Of course, the shadows have creepy reputation, and many «shadow artists» use in their works themes horror, ruin and urban decline. The most popular artists in this kind of art is Tim Noble and Sue Webster. One of the popular their object called «dirty white garbage», in which garbage heap casts a shadow on two people, which drink and smoke. In another work you can see a birds shadow, perhaps, ravens shadow,which pecks a pair of chopped heads, impaled on stakes.

Reverse graffiti

As a drawing on dirty cars, «reverse graffiti» assumes creation pictures with help removal excess mud. Artists often use powerful washing machines , that allow you to remove dirt from the walls, and in the process create beautiful images. This kind of art was started from artist Pol “muse” Certis, which painted its first picture on nicotine-black wall of the restaurant, where he was washing dishes. Another notable artist - Ben Long from UK.He practices a simplified version «reverse graffiti», using his own finger to remove dirt from the walls, that has accumulated there due the car exhaust. His drawings stay on the walls surprisingly long, about six months, provided that it’s not washed away by the rain or destroyed by vandals.

Body art illusions

For centuries drawing on the body did literally all. Even ancient Egyptians and Maya tried themselves in this kind of art. However body art illusion lift this ancient practice on completely new level. As follows from titles, body art illusion implies use human body as a canvas, but on canvas must created something, that can deceive observer. Illusion on body can be different from people, painted as animals or machine, to images holes or wounds, gaping in body. Most bright artist from this form of art Hikaru Cho from Japan with her well known unusual, “cartoonish” illusions.

Drawing with light

This method in art was started used in 1935-м year, when artist Man Ray used an open shutter camera in order to shoot himself standing in the rays of light. People could not guessed about light curls shows on photo for a long time. And only in 2009 year it became clear, that it is not a random of light curls, but mirror display artist’s signature.

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